Kitchen remodeling/renovations


a good question! So before we tell you, let us know:

A. design of your kitchen
— from this we will be able to tell you the cost of works involved :
– power points to add/move,
-ceiling? (gypsum or 60×60 panels),
-backsplash tiling – glass, big tile, small tile? marble?
-floor – design? tile size? vinyl?
extras : water heater? valves to change?

B. choose the materials for your kitchen :
– type of wood, aluminum
-cabinet finishing (flat, louvered, textured), design
-counter top: Ikea? granite? quartz? wood?
-sink – double? single? ceramic? drop in? under counter? (depends on counter! – only for stone)
-tap – simple standard (from 150aed) or pullout fancy as per Pinterest that your sister found and fell in love with (900-3000aed)

C. Are you going to change appliances? add another 8k plus (we have spend as much as 100k just for appliances in some kitchen) – freestanding or built in? white? shiny or stainless steal? well known brands? new or second hand?

So – can you answer all of the above? hm… so how can we?
For example all of the above can vary depending on the kitchen size and what are you going to do from 18,000aed to ……..a million or so (yep, did one once, Italian kitchen in one of the VIP in a private island in UAE.. ps 1,ln after a discount !).

Have we answered your question?

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Meadows 9,

Oldtown – Yansoon

The Greens – Arno

Mira oasis